Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Arriving in India

Getting to the airport and finding everyone was pretty easy. We seemed to notce people looking around and realized they might be from our group. We had breakfast and bought a few last minute things. Got on the plane and it wasn't very full so we had plenty of space. I slept a bit but not as much as I would have liked. We arrived in India and went through customs and passport control without incident. It was interesting that after we collected our bags we had to put them through a scanner again. We noticed the heat right away. We exchanged some money. I was amazed at the exchange rate. 50 rupees is about 1 $. We came out of the airport and there was a sign with our group name on it. We were ushered to our bus. I was taking a couple of pictures at the airport but was told by a guard that it wasn't allowed. OOPPPSSS. We got on the bus as they put our bags on. We had a bit more luggage than they expected so they had to be a bit crafty about that. As we drove to our hotel we were all surprised by the absolute poverty. For me, it reminded me a lot of when I lived in Panama and brought back many memories of that. The bus had trouble getting through some streets, but we finally arrived at our hotel. We got checked in and and my roomate was already there. She was sleeping but woke up when I came in. It had been a while since I had seen her and it was wonderful to catch up. It was almost 3 am India time when we got settled. We had to be up early enought to get showered, eat and catch the bus by 930. We all made it. The hotel was really nice. The people were very friendly and polite. They wouldn't even let us help with our bags at all.

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